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April 24-26, 2014
Stress Factory
New Brunswick, NJ
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May 1-3, 2014
Parlor Live
Bellevue, WA
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May 22-25, 2014
American Comedy Co.
San Diego, CA
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May 30-31, 2014
Magic Bag
Ferndale, MI
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June 6-7, 2014
Stanford & Sons
Kansas City, KS
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June 12, 2014
Ice House
Pasadena, CA
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June 19-21, 2014
Comedy Zone
Jacksonville, FL
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June 26-29, 2014
Laugh House
Kokomo, IN
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July 10-13, 2014
Morty's Comedy Joint
Indianapolis, IN
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July 16-19, 2014
Helium Comedy Club
Philadelphia, PA
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July 30, 2014
The Gov
Adelaide, Australia
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July 31, 2014
Eaton Hill
Brisbane, Australia
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August 1, 2014
Sydney, Australia
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August 2, 2014
Melbourne, Australia
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August 3, 2014
Perth, Australia
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August 7-10, 2014
Tampa, FL
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August 14-17, 2014
Knoxville, TN
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August 21-23, 2014
Dr. Grins
Grand Rapids, MI
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August 28-31, 2014
Helium Comedy Club
Philadelphia, PA
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September 11-14, 2014
Tempe Improv
Tempe, AZ
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September 19-21, 2014
Levity Live
West Nyack, NY
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October 3-4, 2014
Laffs Inc. Comedy Club
Toledo, OH
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October 9-12, 2014
Comedy Off Broadway
Lexington, KY
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October 16-19, 2014
Laughing Derby @ Comedy Caravan
Louisville, KY
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November 6-9, 2014
West Valley City, UT
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November 20-22, 2014
Laugh Comedy Club
Bloomington, IL
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April 14, 2014

I've been doing some pretty intense stuff lately, check this out:

January 29, 2014

The first time Knoxville ever blew a fireball we used my head as a torch and FHM magazine got this awesome photo of it. Stay tuned for epic unreleased footage of this and way, way more...

January 26, 2014

Why would they put this awesome jungle gym right in downtown Calgary if they didn't want me to climb to the top? #ireallypissedofftheguardstoday #ilovecanada

January 23, 2014

First time riding a skateboard on my hands in ages, and I was cruisin! Photo by

January 19, 2014

I had a blast in Buffalo, NY this weekend, thanks to everyone at Helium Comedy Club! #fuckyeahdudes

January 11, 2014

Hey kids, here's a good reason not to do drugs... #holeinyournoseforever #saynotosnifflesnacks #boogersugerblows

December 15, 2013

The Domican Republic, what a beautiful country!

December 14, 2013

This might have been cutting it kinda close. #TinyShallowAssPool #SwellSurfCampFuckinRules #DominicanRepublic

December 6, 2013

Here it is, two minutes and four seconds of pure sex appeal...

November 16, 2013

I was just filming a prank in a parking garage and Demi Lovato showed up and made it awesome. Thank you, Demi! Click on the photo if you want to see the prank...

November 12, 2013

This two-minute and seventeen-second long video is a greatest hits compilation of my personal video archive, and you need to watch it right now... Thanks!

October 24, 2013

A special anniversary... 10 years of #shitfuck on my knuckles. 

October 19, 2013

Some might say that this is going too far, but isn't that the whole idea?

October 18, 2013

Machine Gun Kelly and I just turned the house of blues upside down. 

October 15, 2013

This video was taken down by YouTube for violating it's "shocking and disgusting content" policy, but then they put it back up! Enjoy!:

October 4, 2013

There's some heavy footage on this table...

October 1, 2013

Check this shit out!

September 24, 2013

I don't know who was crazier for participating in this video, me or 50 Cent, but it's awesome...

September 23, 2013

I launched my own YouTube channel today with these two crucial videos: 

Make sure you subscribe, because there is a lot more awesome stuff on the way:

August 3, 2013

Thanks to the girl who wore the greatest shirt ever to my show last night!

July 30, 2013

Having way too much fun today, stay tuned for tons of new footage coming soon...

June 13, 2013

Thanks to for taking the first photo of me as a 39-year-old, underwater in Maldives...


June 10, 2013

Having a blast surfing in the Indian Ocean.



June 8, 2013

I shit you not. #BombDropper #AirDuker #Singapore

April 22, 2013

It's not what it looks like- I was challenged to a wrestling match in Germany last week.

February 27, 2013

Another photoshop masterpiece by @paulshoots and @mikecampau. Check out more of Paul's work at

February 10, 2013

It's not just a road, it's a way of life!

February 10, 2013

Photoshop masterpiece by Paul Mobley and @mikecampau. Check out more of Paul's incredible work at

February 5, 2013

Extreme danger in a dark alley. Photo by

February 1, 2013 must be the raddest surf resort on earth. #Nicaragua

January 28, 2013

Hangin in Nicaragua, oh yeah, fuck yeah!

January 15, 2013

It was below zero in Tofino, Canada this weekend, where took these photos of me. Thanks, Josh!

January 7, 2013

I finally got a butt x-ray to see the lead pellet and copper bb that have been in my buttcheeks for five years. Sweet cock, too, huh?

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