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In loving memory of Ryan Dunn…

This video is incredible.

I put a Black Widow in my mouth…

My buddies duct-taped me to a wall and shot a ton of fireworks at me.

Wild shit goes down on my comedy tour…

Ryan Dunn’s gravesite in Brecksville, Ohio. I love and miss you, Brother, rest in peace.

Hauling ass on a skateboard with Walter and Bernie. #ifuckinlovemydogs

Who says you can’t go surfing in Arizona! Tempe’s “Big Surf” has the third largest wave pool in the world.

Please share this video with the hashtag #SeaWorldSucks Thanks! Steve-O

Big laughs on my comedy tour in Australia and New Zealand.

Plenty more fun, criminal mischief in this epic video!

I’ve been doing some pretty intense stuff lately, check this out:

The first time Knoxville ever blew a fireball we used my head as a torch and FHM magazine got this awesome photo of it. Stay tuned for epic unreleased footage of this and way, way more…

Why would they put this awesome jungle gym right in downtown Calgary if they didn’t want me to climb to the top? #ireallypissedofftheguardstoday #ilovecanada

First time riding a skateboard on my hands in ages, and I was cruisin! Photo by

I had a blast in Buffalo, NY this weekend, thanks to everyone at Helium Comedy Club! #fuckyeahdudes

Hey kids, here’s a good reason not to do drugs… #holeinyournoseforever #saynotosnifflesnacks #boogersugerblows

This might have been cutting it kinda close. #TinyShallowAssPool #SwellSurfCampFuckinRules #DominicanRepublic

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