Latest Antics

I’m happy to confirm that I'm still a gnarly dude…

I taped the craziest comedy special ever, and you can watch it now.

This is the awesomest, most high-tech nut shot I have ever have been a part of.

I can't believe I didn't get my ass kicked for this.

Professional skateboarders join me in skating the hell out of my car.

Johnny Knoxville helps me prepare to do a back flip off of a sixty foot bridge. This was a big, big deal for me.

I get lit on fire and blown the fuck up! Check it out!

A lot of people have been worried about me lately

I’ve been putting in work!

I’ve been getting totally rad in Austria!

In loving memory of Ryan Dunn…

This video is incredible.

I put a Black Widow in my mouth…

My buddies duct-taped me to a wall and shot a ton of fireworks at me.

Wild shit goes down on my comedy tour…

Ryan Dunn’s gravesite in Brecksville, Ohio. I love and miss you, Brother, rest in peace.

Hauling ass on a skateboard with Walter and Bernie. #ifuckinlovemydogs

Who says you can’t go surfing in Arizona! Tempe’s “Big Surf” has the third largest wave pool in the world.

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