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January 19, 2008

more from Universal

It's not like I'm some kinda jerk, it's just that it's
not easy being a white gangsta rapper. I'm, like,
talking about selling a rap album:

January 17, 2008

I Wrote Some Crazy Emails

I had a great talk with a guy from Universal...
January 17, 2008

Stephen Glover wrote:

We were talking about how I've been a real pain in the
ass. Hell, I do it professionally. The thing is that,
to make this album a reality, with an MTV special, and
a mixtape, and a WAY too hot for TV "Making Of", plus
all these videos-- it's taken a lot of work. I've paid
out of my own pocket for every flight for my whole rap
crew, my video guy (Greg Kaplan), and for every studio
session with cash, or a check from my business
manager, while my representatives have been
lolligagging over paying anyone a penny from the funny
little budget. I've spent more of my own money, well,
not more than I spent sueing the fucking shit out of
those assholes that co-signed the 3 million dollar
life insurance policy on me-- while lying to my face
to cover up the fact that they were the beneficiaries
(they were able to do that because I didn't want to
find out if I was healthy or sick), but I made this
album happen, "in house", without a whole lot of help,
so I decided to go ahead and have fun being a dick
about shit. Of course, all of my "dickiness" has been
deliberately to sell units. The dude from Universal
agreed that I was right about that, and he also
agreed that, despite my recklessness with this very
"rad e-mail list", there has been no leakage
whatsoever in cases where I've politely asked for my
shit "not to be leaked any further". This is one of
those cases, please don't leak this any further, but,
feel free to mention that you just saw the BEST

Sorry, Steve-O Army, I can't leak this, but it kicks ass!

Love you all,


P.S. Universal is working out a plan to release my
mixtape as well. Thanks, guys!
my last correspondence with that Universal dude...
January 17, 2008

Franz Fleischli wrote:
The record is gonna be pushed back unless jukes
gets the paperwork in tomorrow.

Stephen Glover wrote:
I don't give a fucking shit. And Jukes damn well don't
either. What did you think of my "Dumb Idea" video?

Franz Fleischli wrote:
Im coming over.

January 17, 2008

Stephen Glover wrote:

"OOOOOOOOHHHHH..... I'm scared, he's comin' to get
me, I'm shakin in my boots" - D Jukes

Don't bother,

Franz Fleischli wrote:
I just wanna watch the video

Here is my last e-mail to Franz:
How about you take getting everyone ELSE'S paperwork
done, and getting them ALL paid, FUCKING FAST, and
MAKE MY MTV DEADLINE, before I get my new dumb idea
that I can? And you don't need to come to my house to
do that.


Franz Fleischli wrote:

Im coming

Chris Pontius wrote:

That shit tears the bones from my back. It's a death
trap! It's a suicide pact! We better get out while
we're young, cause tramps like us...Baby we were born
to run!!!

witness the terrifying arrival of the Universal dude...

P.S. Here are my mixtape covers:

Love you all,

January 16, 2008

mixtape news... (I’m in rap to be a gangsta)
Here's a funny one, once this artwork is approved by
me, I'm going to inform Universal Records that their
mixtape department that just started is being called
out by their own artists, in a battle to sell mixtapes
hosted by Superstar J in the east, and Cypress Hill's
camp in the west. It will be fun to find out who
really is "hot in the streets", without my rapping
ability on trial... Check out the first draft of the
artwork, and, Universal, don't worry, I'll make you
sure you got it:

Love you all,

January 15, 2008

Paparazzi Stuntman and Hard As A Rock Release...
Hey Everyone,
I'm gonna just say it, Paparazzi Stuntman, and Hard As A Rock comin' at ya on April Fool's Day. There, I said it, that means I've got work to do. Good idea to show some video making skills right now. This here shit is done leaked, so check it:

Let's make this happen guys, paperwork's done,

Love you all,

January 12, 2008

Hello, And A Very Special Treat, From Chicago

Before I left New York, I visited the G-Unit offices,
I filmed more with 50 Cent for Paparazzi Stuntman, did
some wild-ass shit with Tony Yayo and Prodigy (whose
going to prison for three years very soon...FREE
PRODIGY!!!), and recorded the most fucking amazing
song with M.O.P. about beating dudes asses that anyone
will ever have heard. Really, FUCKING AWESOME. Now I'm
in Chicago, will be partying at Club Enclave tonight
if any of you are in town and want to come rage with
me. Now, without further ado, I leave you with the
absolute best YouTube clip that I've had stuck on
there in AGES. Holy shit, will this clip sell units of
my album, and, I'll NEVER do this shit again, check
out this fuckin gold:

Love you all,


January 9, 2008

back in the projects...
Trying to hail a cab in Manhattan can be difficult, but trying to get a taxi driver to take you from Manhattan to the projects in Brooklyn is just about impossible. If any of you ever find yourself looking for that ride, be sure to call a town car. Tonight I'm going to be recording a very violent rap song with MOP about beating dudes up. I'm very excited to get to say, "look at me goofy... I'll knock you out like a Roofy..." Guaranteed to be a hit. Last night I was rapping on the Carson Daly show on NBC, I performed Poke The Puss-- "flip the bitch over and tap the tush" didn't get any beeps, but "puss" and "kush" both did. Considering that I declined make-up entirely, I have to say that I looked excruciatingly hot. Really, check it out!:

Love you all,

November 27, 2007

I'm Nuts
My family is convinced that I've got bipolar disorder. I don't know if I agree, but, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm somehow fucked in the head. I've been contemplating actually being bonkers, and decided that it's pretty rad if you're stoked about it, and I think there's alot of good stuff that comes with being a looney tune. I agreed to go to a pyschiatrist for a professional evaluation, to try and figure out what specific category of nutjob I fall into. I've decided that I want to make a rad project out of finding out what the fuck is wrong with me. I sure hope this psychiatrist is down with me having my evaluation filmed, because if he isn't, I'll probably get really grumpy. I can imagine a rad documentary about me getting shrunk, whilst continuously doing dumb shit like jumping a motorcycle off a ramp in my living room out onto the roof of the building next door, becoming the king of crashing port-a-potties, and all kinds of other rad stuff. I think the entire spectrum of insanity that my "rad e-mails" have included should comprise the content of this project. I also think it's time for me to rent out a 6,000+ square foot warehouse, with bitchin offices, a recording studio, and everything. It'll be my new BallBag Headquarters, a bitchin compound to do really dumb stuff at while a shrink tries to make me less of a damn fruit loop. I'm really pretty sure that I'm out of my goddam mind. Who the fuck stays up for three straight days having gnarly hallucinations, while writing even gnarlier shit to this fucking list of people? It's completely nuts, and I can't help but love it. Rad e-mail list forever! Woohoo! Oh yeah, look at what Ryan Simonetti has been up to in my skatepark apartment, he is truly incredible:¤t=Ballbag_Park_Oct_19_07-Sequence1-1.flv

Love you all, Steve-O

October 28, 2007

Why Halloween Rules
If you ask me, we're going to get our fucking asses kicked by terrorists sometime very soon, and, before it becomes uncool to be funny again, I'd just as soon leak as much shit as possible, to keep as many people happy as possible while I still can. That's why I went ahead and shot something early this morning and already have it read for mass-leaking all over the Internet. It's funny, and will make people happy. you all can put all of these clips everywhere and anywhere you want:

Happy Halloween!

Steve-O: The College Days Trailer

Steve-O: The Paparazzi Stuntman Trailer

Steve-O: The Hard As A Rock Trailer

Ryan Simonetti Stunt Reel

Enjoy! Love you all,

P.S. We weren't kidding at all about making that wall go away so that we could make our ramps bigger, check out these two photos of my skatepark pad, and get a load of my new office pad.

October 25, 2007

Double For Nothing!
Hey Everyone,

This "rad e-mail list" has me jazzed. So jazzed, that I decided to make sure that I got exclusive footage just for you special people. I decided, "fuck it, I don't need to be all heartbroken, I'mma rent a cargo van and go fuck shit up in San Francisco with the world's greatest professional skateboarder, Ryan Simonetti, and the world-famous "shady prop guy" from jackass and wildboyz- since day one". We came up with a bunch of shit, but, Simonetti is the king. We're saving plenty for Dr. Steve-O Season Two, but, you guys just have to see this clip. Fuckin Ryan Simonetti-- the world's greatest professional skateboarder...

Love you all,

P.S. That cargo van ain't going back until this ramp comes flying out of it. Plus, we've got napalm beef with bb guns still...

Hey Everyone,

I want you all to know, that the reference I made to having my heart broken in that last mail, which had that footage that blew your fucking asses off, had nothing to do with any dumb girls that hurt my feelings for fun. I went to San Francisco to meet up with the folks from Zeitgiest and figure out how to use bb guns with flammable liquid to protest the war. I also needed to wrap my head around how to communicate that my new nephew has Down Syndrome, and search for a way to help children with Down Syndrome all over the world. Fuck bitches that hurt my feelings, and, please, reach out and help a kid with Down Syndrome. Plus, don't be mad at me for attaching this additional clip of Ryan Simonetti which was shot here where we live-- at BallBag Headquarters. Please help those kids.

Love you all,

October 23, 2007

No More Crap, Thanks!
Hello Everyone,

Many times I read messages from people on here who are wondering if I'm really reading them. I'm willing to bet that I get to much more of them than anyone realizes. I love my fans-- it's never been about money for me, it's always been about you guys. Now I'm going to respond to some posts that attracted my attention:

1. The person/people who felt that what I posted from my father was/is somehow ignorant-- can suck my dick. When I read a post which said, "I thought you got up earlier than that", I almost had my administrators respond with hate mail. Of course I didn't, after all, silence is the deadliest weapon. Hear this, I never said we need to live in fear, I just said it would be a good idea to read my father's mail.

2. Dr. Steve-O isn't extreme enough. Haha! Dr. Steve-O is plenty fucking extreme, it's the USA Network your beef is with. I got a dude's dick sucked by a porn star in a sperm bank, and they didn't show any of it. Shitter. Alot of celebrities have television shows, and, without naming any names, a great many of them allow their producers to make absolute puppets out of them. That's right, I think that's bullshit, you won't catch me letting anyone but me express my feelings. My feelings are done being fucked with, too. Wow, that felt good! You also won't catch me trying to to synch up my real life with the airdates of three month old episodes, I call that living a lie, but, enough of that. Well, one more thing...speaking of synching up PR with airdates, let me thank the people of the people who timed some beloved negative tabloid press so conveniently for everyone involved. Alright, now I'm done with negative shit. For those of you that want to see shit that's not allowed on tv, it's on, as well as ENTIRE episodes. Pretty cool, huh?

3. I can't emphasize enough how much I love my fans. Everytime I blast stuff out to you guys I try to include something that will brighten your days, at no cost to you, whatsoever. I've not even put a link to my website in a blog for a good six months. It's time I did, for the following reasons: if you dig it when I post crazy shit on the Internet, then you should sign up for my SPAM FREE Steve-O Army Newsletter (I'm counting hits on my website that come from this, as well as e-mails! So, sign up, please!). Now, for the good news, it seems that I designed shirts that are a bit on the filthy side, and I need to get rid of the inventory. Once these shirts are gone, they're gone, I'll be putting out new designs. Here's what I'm going to do, and my wonderful assistant, Jen Moore, can verify that this is for real. Anyone who buys a shirt or shirts from, will receive a personalized, autographed picture of me looking radder than ever...Ope, I just figured out which one to go for. I'm ready to write a shit-ton of letters to you guys, everything I write on these pictures will be goofy, but, my appreciation for your helping me get rid of this inventory will be truly sincere. So, I've never said it in a blog before, so, here goes, PLEASE BUY MY T SHIRTS on For your own personalized, autographed letter on my bitchin ass picture, you must upload a photo of yourself wearing one of my filthy shirts and email the picture, along with your name and mailing address, to! Sign up for my SPAM FREE newsletter, too, and, I promise to keep it real, and not let anyone tell me how I feel.

I love you all,

October 18, 2007

The Next Terrorist Attack
Hello Everyone,

It seems that America is going to get its ass kicked by terrorists. Below is an article that my Dad sent in an e-mail entitled "Must Read". When my Dad says "must read", I always read. For those of you who hate reading enough to disregard my Dad's characteristically sound advice, you are dumbies, but, you still get to enjoy this funny terror-related clip I filmed today.

Now here's what my Dad sent me. I love you all:

Juval Aviv was the Israeli Agent whom the movie "Munich" was about... He was Golda Meir's bodyguard and she appointed him to track down and bring to justice the Palestinian terrorists who took the Israeli athletes hostage and killed them during the Munich Olympic Games.

In a lecture in NYC a few weeks ago he shared information that EVERY American needs to know but our government has not shared. His bio is below, his book is "Staying Safe".

First, I am going to share what he discussed in regard to the Bush Administration, 9/11 and Iraq and then I will share his predictions for the next attack on the U.S.

He predicted the London subway bombing on the Bill O'Reilly show on Fox News stating publicly that it would happen within a week - O'Reilly laughed and mocked him saying that in a week he wanted him back on the show and unfortunately, within a week the terrorist attack occurred.

Juval Aviv gave intelligence (via what he had gathered in Israel and the Middle East) to the Bush Administration about 9/11 a month before it occurred. His report specifically said they would use planes as bombs and target high profile buildings and monuments. The Administration ridiculed him and refused to respond. Congress has since hired him as a security consultant - but still the Administration does not listen to him.

He didn't agree with going into Iraq - said it didn't make sense if we wanted terrorists responsible for 9/11 (and also he believes in Golda Meir's approach which was to bring justice to the terrorists but do not take down civilians - killing civilians only creates more terrorists - but similar to Bush, Israel's subsequent leaders were not as insightful as Golda Meir) - however, when we did decide to invade Iraq we should have learned from Israel's past mistakes.

He very articulately stated that Israel's greatest mistake against their war on terror was to invade the West Bank and Gaza and stay there... He said they should have done the proven anti-terrorist strategy which was "Hit and Leave" instead of "Hit and Stay." Now we are stuck in Iraq and it is worse than Vietnam - Iraq is the U.S.'s West Bank/ Gaza. He doesn't think we will ever be able to truly leave because even when we are able to pull our troops back we will still have to go back regularly which will keep us quagmired. We should have hit hard and left immediately.

Now for the scary stuff.... He predicts the next attack on the U.S. is coming within the next few months.

Forget hijacking airplanes because he says terrorists will NEVER try and hijack a plane again as the people on the plane will not go down quietly. Aviv believes our airport security is a joke- we are being reactionary versus looking at strategies that are effective.

1) our machines are outdated. They look for metal and the new explosives are made of plastic

2) He talked about how some idiot tried to light his shoe on fire - we now have to take off our shoes, a group of idiots tried to bring aboard liquid explosives - now we can't bring liquids on board. He is waiting for some suicidal maniac to pour liquid explosive on their underwear and light up in a plane or in the terminal and then we will all have to travel naked!

3) We only focus on security when people are heading to the gates, he says that if a terrorist attack targets airports in the future, they will target busy times and on the front end when people are checking in. It would be easy for someone to take two suitcases of explosives, walk up to a busy check-in line, ask a person next to them to watch their bags for a minute while they run to the restroom or get a drink and then detonate the bags BEFORE security even gets involved. Israel checks bags before people can enter the airport.

Now, back to his predictions: He says the next attack will come in a few months and will involve suicide bombers and non-suicide bombers in places that people congregate: Disneyland, Las Vegas, Big Cities (NY, SFO, Chicago, etc...) and there it will be shopping malls, subways in rush hour, train stations, casinos, etc.. as well as rural America (Wyoming, Montana, etc...). The attack will be simultaneous detonations around the country (they like big impact) 5-8 cities including rural areas. They won't need to use suicide bombers because at largely populated places like the MGM Grand in Vegas - they can simply valet park!

He says this is well known in intelligence circles but our government does not want to alarm Americans. However, he also said that the US will attack Iran and Syria before Bush leaves office.

In addition, since we don't have enough troops The US will likely use small, strategic nuclear weapons regardless that the headlines the next day will read "US Nukes Islamic World" and the world will be a different place to such an extent that global warming will be irrelevant. He travels regularly to the Middle East and he knows his stuff.

On a good note - he says we don't have to worry about being nuked - he says the terrorists who want to destroy America will not use sophisticated weapons - they like suicide as the frontline approach.

He also says the next level of terrorists will not be coming from abroad, but will be homegrown - having attended our schools and universities - but will have traveled frequently back and forth to the Middle East. They will know and understand Americans but we won't understand them - we still only have a handful of Arabic and Farsi speaking people in our intelligence networks and we need that to change he said...

What can we do? From an intelligence perspective he says the U.S. needs to stop relying on satellites and technology for intelligence but follow Israel, Ireland and England's example of human intelligence both from an infiltration perspective as well as trust citizens to help. We need to engage and educate ourselves as citizens but our government treats us like babies and thinks we can't handle it and will panic.

He did a test for Congress recently putting an empty briefcase in 5 major spots in 5 US cities and not one person called 911 or sought a policeman to check it out. In fact, in Chicago - someone tried to steal it! In Israel an unattended bag or package would be
reported in seconds with a citizen shouting "Unattended Bag" and the area cleared slowly, calmly and immediately by the people themselves. Unfortunately, we haven't hurt enough yet for us to be that concerned....

He also discussed how many children were in preschool and kindergarten after 9/11 without parents to pick them up and the schools did not have a plan. Do you have a plan with your kids, schools and families if you cannot reach each other by phone? If you cannot return to your house? If you cannot get to your child's school - do they know what to do? We should all have a plan.

He said that our government's plan after the next attack is to immediately cut-off EVERYONE's ability to use their telephone, cell phone, blackberry because they don't want terrorists to be able to talk to one another - do you have a plan if you cannot communicate directly with those that you love.

Last week the Today Show began with a segment that Al Qaeda was resurfacing - the same kind of action on the Pakistani border occurred before 9/11... It is scary, but we do not have panic, we just need to be aware....


October 5, 2007

Good Ol’ Uncle Steve-O
Hello everyone,

I just became an uncle again! My sister had a baby boy named Dylan, and I'm home with my family after a crazy LA to New York to Boston to Detroit to Cleveland to Florida mission. Since I left LA, I was travelling with no computer. My laptop just plain died, causing me to be more out-of-the loop than ever. Luckily, I just scored a new computer, so, check this out-- Dr. Steve-O was the highest rated entertainment show on cable television between 11pm and 1am on Monday night. Yup, and it got the tenth highest ratings of all entertainment shows on cable television that whole day. I was also told that I retained 72% of the wrestling audience (even though I also heard 71%). High ratings on cable television are so rad, because you get to hear the same good news a hundred different ways if you want. For example, I got a "households rating" of 2.4, or, I had 2.1 million viewers watched the whole damn show. So rad! I can't thank you guys enough for watching, and I can honestly say that I'm totally stoked on every single episode. Well, the pilot airs last and kinda pales to the everything I shot after that, but, it's got one of the best "bloodbaths" of the season. None of the shows suck, and, thanks so much for watching them. In other news, I shot my first music video-- HA! HA! Woohooo! I've been doing all kinds of work on my music project... I might as well drop this on you all here! What else? Thanks again for watching Dr. Steve-O and buying Sneaux shoes and Jackass: the video game, and get ready for Jackass 2.5, Steve-O: Paparazzi Stuntman, Steve-O: Hard As A Rock (the rap dvd/album/videos), and maybe even something else! I'm pretty much talking about having as rad of a year next year as I've been having this year. Fuck yeah dudes!

Love you all,

Dr. Steve-O Episode 2
Dr. Steve-O
Every Monday @ 11:05pm
USA network after WWE RAW

August 8, 2007

Best Behavior
Hello Everyone,

I must admit that I've been in hip-hop heaven. Making this ridiculous rap album has been absolutely awesome. People who are into hip hop truly understand that the fact that my producers have been DJ Whoo Kid, Red Spyda, Apex, Fame, and a completely unknown badass named T Mon, is, to say the least, kind of a big deal. The cameos on this album are going to blow people away, too, and that's all I'm saying about that. I've been really deep in hip hop and having a blast, but now it's time to be on my absolute best behavior. I'm filming my new television series, Dr. Steve-O over the course of the next few weeks, starting tomorrow morning. This television series is about me being just as ridiculous as ever, but proactively using my powers of silliness to make the world a better place. I'm kidnapping wussies and inundating them with challenges I've come up with, to bring them out of their shells, and teach them how to deliberately live more fulfilling lives. I'm Dr. Steve-O now, a traveling psychotherapist that's completely out of his mind. Dr. Steve-O is something I've been working for for years, and it's something that I'm extremely passionate about. I wrote the shows up myself, and you can count on them being totally amazing! Yeahaaaah! Now, I know that many people would consider it to be a really dumb idea to be leaking tracks from my album, especially when their unfinished. Haha! That's so dumb, I love it! OK, so, I have to very seriously warn you that, if you choose to click the below link to one of my new rap songs, you will hear the filthiest, most offensive lyrics that I could possibly write. Remember, this is a comedy gangsta rap album, it'll have a video for every track, and a feature length "Making Of The Album" video included. So, you've been warned that the lyrical content of my rap is really, really naughty, and I'm not at all sorry about that--it's hysterical! Woohoo! Here are some photos (click on the pictures to see a larger version):


Jukes & O recording

And, without further ado, ladies and gentleman:

Poke The Puss

I love you all,

August 3, 2007

Free Stuff
Hey guys, this is a great interview that a good million people saw, you won't believe what they let me get away with r.e. promoting, my rap album, the G-Unit, Sneaux, Dr. Steve-O and the USA Network. Check it out:

In the same week, millions, literally millions of people saw this:

Also, during the same week, more millions saw this:

Every successful album drives sales by having a real hit on the radio. This isn't likely to make it to the radio, so I'm going to use the Internet to get people hearing it. When I say that I'm messing around with the G-Unit, I'm not kidding. The G-Unit is alot like Manny the Sharkman, they have saved me from seriously life-threatening danger that they put me in. Even though I'm taking hip hop lightly, trust me, it's no fuckin joke. Enough of that, enjoy this Steve-O/G-Unit joint:

I've been working my ass off, and I'm not planning on slowing down.

I love you all,

July 14, 2007

People Have Been Worrying About Me
I've done some stupid things over the past few weeks to really make my loved ones become concerned about me. There's nothing I can do to change that now, except write this to them, as well as all of you. I've made my priority in life, at least for the last 2-3 weeks, the recording a great Steve-O rap album. Making this album has been a magical experience-- an adventure through wonderful, horrible, and everything in between.

To anyone that chooses to be critical of my decision to make this rap album, I've got bad news for you, it's a great album. I've been recording it with the producers of the one and only G-Unit and it is, indisputably, incredible, and made by the most talented people in rap music. So, since there's no criticisizing the quality of my album, anyone who chooses to will do nothing but sell units for me-- if that's what you're into, let me thank you ahead of time. Thank you. Something about embarking on this album-recording mission made me feel compelled to get back into a really unhealthy lifestyle consisting of heavy, major, drug abuse. I don't know why that is, but, I can't change that now. I can't change the fact that I'm solely responsible for the fact that my family and loved ones have been worried beyond sick about me, and that I've been very much "off the radar" for so much of this time. The only thing I can do about that is assure everyone that I'm, indeed, in a much better place than I was a couple of weeks ago, and that I'm simply swamped by this monstrous ocean of work that I've chosen to take on.

Right now I'm sitting at the business center of an airport hotel. I'm worn out and frustrated for many reasons, including the simple fact that making a great album is just that much of an emotional investment, and a very time-consuming one, at that. Furthermore, there's a great deal more than rap music that I have going on my career, a reality which has forced me, more than once, to drop everything and fly back and forth between New York and Los Angeles -- for no more than one day's obligation. That's just how it is, and it's frustrating.

Now, let me describe a few events of the last few days. I returned to my secret "hip hop hideaway" in upstate New York, a residential home, deep in the woods, which is inhabited by G-Unit staff who have been delegated to look after me (i.e. sequester me, babysit me, and keep me working at this blistering pace that's not slowed down since this process began). In this house in the woods, I got into the habit of letting three tiny little dogs out of this little cage, a cage that is visibly designed to harbor no more than one animal. I hate to see animals in cages. Well aware of how the house is utilized to keep the dogs in, and having an idea of the perimeters outside the house that serve the same purpose, I felt very comfortable indulging in my habit of freeing these dogs to roam around the inside of the house, answering only to their own free will. After I let the dogs out of the cage one time, something really bad happened, one of the dogs got out of the house and was hit by a car which was speeding through the windy, woody roads.The dog died and, for many valid reasons, I feel the brunt of responsibility for that fact. Without interrupting my recording schedule (although it required me to sacrifice a full night's sleep) I arranged and attended the proper burial of that dog, at a very upscale pet cemetery near the Bronx in New York. That dog dying sucked.

Today I was supposed to return to LA for work related to my new television series, Dr. Steve-O. I wound up in a situation where I stood no chance of making my flight (which is OK because my obligation in LA is not until after 4pm PST tomorrow, and I've since secured a guaranteed seat on a 6:45am flight out of New York (which is 3:45am LA time, giving me plenty of time to make it). What's not translating into these words I'm typing is my frustration over the fact that I can't be with a special person in LA tonight. I'm stuck at this airport hotel. The driver from the car service we called to get me to the airport talked my fucking ears off the entire way to NYC. That asshole yapped at me the point that I felt, literally, suffocated. Despite his abhorrent lack of professionalism, I tipped the man one hundred US dollars, while trying to negotiate with the airline on my cellphone. The same driver, who sucked the fucking life out of me on that ride, felt it was so important to give me a hug that I wanted absolutely no part of, that he grabbed me-- knocking my phone out of my grasp and sending it freefalling to the cement. My phone now displays nothing to me when I open it.

The purpose of this long message, is to assure my loved ones that I am, indeed OK now. I'm over-worked, worn out, frustrated beyond belief, and helplessly missing this special person in Los Angeles, but, I'm OK. I can't call, and I left my computer charger in the restaurant that Knoxville brought me to for our "Everyone's worried sick about you Steve-O" lunch. I left it there because I cared about nothing but Knox hearing how good the work I've been doing for this album is. So, I think I've written everything I needed to write. I will, despite this incredible amount of frustration and difficulty, appear for all of my professional obligations. I will continue to be professional, I will get through the mountain of work I've delegated for myself, and I will be OK. There is no reason to worry about me, nothing is wrong with me barring work-related stress. Please, nobody worry about me right now, I'm simply working harder than I ever have before and, even though I can't call or e-mail as much as everyone wants me to, I'M OK! Please, forgive me for being "off the radar", and know that the only reason I'm unreachable is that I'm working my fucking ass off. OK, I think I've covered everthing. I'm going to retire to my shitty airport hotel room and rest. I will be unreachable, and I need everyone to be able to deal with that-- all of my bad luck isn't entirely my fault. I love you all,


March 29, 2007

Behind the Scenes
Hey Everyone,

About my Orbit Gum commercial, breaking into the bubble gum game seems to have delivered footage of me to more viewers (at least generated more immediate feedback) than virtually any tv shit I've done. It's nuts how many people have mentioned seeing it. Finding out how we cheated in shooting it is probably kind of like hearing the truth about staged footage (that you thought involved unsuspecting strangers, rather than family friends "planted" to act upset), also similar to finding out that Santa Claus never existed, but, I'm going to own up to the secret magic that made this ridiculous Orbit gum commercial possible. I urge you guys not to be mad at me for faking stunts with this commercial. Considering that it required being buried virtually from 9am past 5pm, with very few ridiculously short breaks, I actually consider it one of my gnarlier feats. A pretty ludicrous thing for anyone to set out to do if the first place, I would've called for more color correction, but here's the final cut.

In unrelated news, I met a dude in an airport who joined my message board, this gets interesting:

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(3/15/07 11:50 pm)

The Sad State of Airline Security
Hey Steve, don't know if and when you'll get to see this, but I'll put it out there anyway. Me and a friend bumped into you in the Ft Lauderdale Airport on 03/10 at the bar and we went outside for a smoke. I thought you might find it amusing to know that not only did I make it through security with the lighter the first time, but I made it through with it again when we went to board the plane. Really makes you think about what people are getting on board planes these days. Anyway, I've been a huge fan for years and it was awesome meeting you. Hope Atlanta wasn't too bad to you.

The Man Himself
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(3/24/07 9:28 pm)

Re: The Sad State of Airline Security
Shit yeah, bro! Welcome to the board! It's wild, the whole "no lighters on planes" bit. If it's fire that they are trying to avoid, why is it perfectly OK to bring matches on board? Fuck. You're not kidding about what people could bring on if they wanted. Even though I'm triple-national, and consider myself to be a citizen of the Western Hemisphere as a whole, I still hate to be anti-American (my feelings about the Bush Administration do not change my love for America, or it's troops). With that said, I have a crazy imagination and can't help but find myself thinking as the "Devil's advocate". It's absolutely absurd how easy it would be to fly with crazy shit. The ultimate weakness is the Mexican border. I was begging to film the "border crossing" for the Mexico episodes of Wildboyz. I wanted to say, "Here we are in Mexico, and we're over it. Chris, let's run to America!" There would have been different ways to go about it, i.e. varying ranks of authority to "clear" the idea. Nobody from Dickhouse or MTV pursued the idea whatsoever, I believe my director said that we'd likely get shot. I know that Bush recently legalized imprisoning anyone without reason or holding trials, all kinds of heinous torture tactics during interrogation-- to put that in perspective he, literally, legalized acts of terrorism on people suspected of having knowledge of terrorism. I can't picture that it would ever be legal for border authorities to shoot helpless and unarmed people trying to make it across the border into America, and I believe that, had we actually filmed "the border crossing", that we wouldn't have even had to run, shit, I bet we could've waltzed right over, with suitcases full of whatever we wanted. I had an even crazier experience than yours, bro-man-dude, if you go to my MySpace page and look at an older blog called "Steve-O in Vegas", you won't believe what happened to me. Again, welcome to the board, this place is very special to me. Now, for those of you who never got to see TV: The Movie, don't worry, the important stuff has managed to stay on YouTube. Three minutes and thirty seconds into this clip, a segment begins which I consider the absolute crown jewel of my entire career. If any of you are familiar with the television show, "Intervention" on the A&E Network, you will see that we ABSOLUTELY NAILED it! Even if you've seen it before, watch it again, it just gets better, and better, and better. Plus, interesting fact, "Interventions" is the only sketch in the whole movie that I filmed completely sober. Haha! There were two days we shot it on, and they were the only two days that I was completely sober shooting that movie. Yeahah! Enjoy! :::

Those of you who are still reading this, are the true fans. I love you guys! I'm on Cribs again on April 22nd, here's an update from my Dad about the Internet store (it's going start just selling Steve-O shirts, they're all fuckin rad, and I'm dying to make my Dad proud by running a successful business, so, when the fucking shit finally gets going please, everyone, buy my shirts!):

I'm not by nature a pessimist, but I do like to under promise and over deliver. April 22 is less than four weeks away, and despite all the progress that's being made, I still think we'll be fully challenged to get up and running on the website by that date. I recognize the importance of the tie-in with Cribs, but you're dependent on several key steps that are outside of your direct control. Jen must get the phone hook-up/answering service handled fast (and they'll undoubtedly want a contract/application completed and signed), and the people Peter's dealing with at the merchant account must then process your application quickly and favorably. We need to press Lars for acknowledgement of the signed contract you sent him, and get Glenn to send him the $800 deposit check ASAP. The t-shirts have to be ordered and produced, and I don't think Eddie Redcar should be in the mix until Ellie's fully satisfied with all his paperwork. Then the shirts have to get to each of the two warehouses, and I don't know what (if any delays) will be encountered at UK customs. I don't know if any test orders should be processed before going "live" on the internet, but if so, that's additional leadtime. Once you do go "live", any subsequent screw-ups will be much more significant problems, and threaten your credibility with your fan base. I don't know if it's possible to start with the U.S. only and add Europe several weeks later, but if feasible, that might simplify things somewhat.

Administratively, setting this up correctly is an enormous pain in the ass. The time required has already far exceeded my wildest expectations. I don't want to depress you, but when you talk about the Cribs synergy, I want you to realize the full magnitude of the challenge you face. It is possible, but in my view the odds of pulling it off on that schedule are no better than 50/50. The bottom line is "Don't give up or get discouraged, but recognize that you'll have to push everybody to haul ass, and follow up personally on every step, if your timing is going to be met". (That's one of the responsibilities, and joys, of being the CEO!)

Love you much.....Dad

March 9, 2007

Do You Have Feet?
It occurs to me that, unless you're an athlete or a rapper, a shoe endorsement deal is pretty darn hard to come by. Am I proud to represent a shoe line because I am gifted at being an irresponsible asshole? You bet I am. I'm proud of the shoes, too. Take a stand against shoes that don't promote irresponsible behavior, and buy my shoes! Here's a killer new clip, make sure you check out my new shoes.
Love you all,

February 18, 2007

Steve-O Mania!
Don't be surprised if you see this WWE commercial I did, because it's playing....big time. Haha! I'm no stranger to the WWE ring, watch me get annihilated by a 350 pound monster. My bitchin ass new episode of Cribs comes out next month, as well as my gnarly Orbit Gum commercial. I'm not even saying shit about where I am right now, but I'm with my baby, and that's all there is to it!

Love you all,

P.S .Wish me luck in jail tomorrow-- I'm shooting a British television show which consists of me being locked in a room for 24 straight hours. It's called "24 hours with...", it's not allowed to air in the USA, but, I'll tell you right now-- I damn well wish it would. In my contract for this 24 shoot it says that I will be supplied with as much beer, vodka, mixers, Pickled Onion Monster Munch, and cigarettes as I choose. So, I guess I kinda blew it, I sorta said I'm in London...Pickled Onion Monster Munch forever!!!

P.P.S. While I'm leaking old footage, check out my CLASSICS!:

Getting Cops Suspended

The Most Wasted Anyone's Been On A Talkshow

Steve-O Gallery On

February 6, 2007

Tracking Steve-O
I get in trouble with my family fairly frequently, because they've got their Internet set up to automatically send them every article that has my name in it, and they have their TIVO's set to record every television show that lists my name as a part of it. Here's the latest article to get me in trouble. In my defense, I wrote this to my sister:

I was just trying to get my friends to leave the barsooner, and it worked! I really wasn't looking for press out of the deal, but, obviously, I'm ecstatic to have gotten some! Love you!

I've given it some thought, and I have to say that it doesn't bother me to upset my family just a little bit by being a jerk in the press, because I am so incredibly proud to be such a rare and unique celebrity to have been completely overjoyed with all of my negative tabloid press. Tabloid press makes people happy and, so far, I've loved being a part of it, every chance I've gotten. What's even crazier than the articles that come out is the wealth of papparazzi photos that are available on the Internet. Lately, you can pretty much always see what I've been up to. Then there's I have the most bitchin ass Steve-o Gallery on there-- I want to thank all of my friends at TMZ, and Page Six, and everyone else who has contributed to sharing my delinquency with the World at large.

I love you all,

January 27, 2007

I'm an asshole
I hate birthdays-- all they do is make you way older than every other day of the year. I know one girl's birthday (those of you who've been in this Steve-O Army for 4-5 years all know that I will never stop loving her), I also know my beloved Jen Moore's (we share our birthdays on one day I'll never brag about), and I know my immediate family members' b-days (the only year I didn't talk to my Dad on his birthday, I was in jail, and didn't want him to find that out by answering the phone to hear, "You are receiving a call from an inmate in a correctional facility..." I confessed that fact to Dad years later, and then he knew how much more that had hurt me than it did him). Now, I have to confess that I've, again, been oblivious to the birthday of Ryan Simonetti-- and he pimp-slapped me for forgetting and missing it-- by documenting: Ryan's Birthday Bash, while I was roaming around Hollywood with porn stars. How about a fucking round of applause for Ryan Simonetti... Happy "Bummer You're Older Day"! Fuckin love you, Ryan, and my only excuse is that we can make days rule whenever we want, so fuck birthdays! Good job, brutha....much love, blood, and tears...Steve

January 24, 2007

Steve-O in Vegas
I just got back home from Las Vegas, where I was flown on a private jet to make an appearance at a nightclub. I was just about as sober as a completely wasted judge, and got paid to become that way! I had a barrel of laughs, so much fun that just had to run photos of me enjoying myself. I stayed in Vegas for Bam Margera's bachelor party, he's got this new tv show on MTV about getting married (eight episodes which end with the wedding). Needless to say, the fun continued and nothing that happened will "stay in Vegas", it's pretty much going to be all over MTV. Haha! Now, get this, they gave me a special "bag check" at the airport, because they saw an old spent whippit cartridge in my backpack. Then they open my backpack and practically the first thing the dude sees is a glass marijuana pipe. It was still fricken loaded, and everything! I said, "I guess you can throw that out for me". The guy said, "That's not what I'm here for", let the fuckin thing stay in my bag, which he gave to me, and then told me to enjoy my flight. Woooohoooooo! In other news, I just got off the phone with my Dad and my bitchin-ass new Internet store should be taking orders in less than two weeks. I'm starting it with four different Steve-O T-Shirts. I can't wait to have my own shirts to sell to my own Steve-O Army! Fuck yeah dudes and dudettes! I've never been paid a goddam dime for a single piece of goddam Steve-O merchandise. Really, not a dime for anything that got sold off that last website I used to put my updates on. Not Jackass or Wildboyz merchandise either. It's nuts, but now the shit will be coming from ME and my Dad, and we are setting it up so that everyone in the EU/UK and USA can have the shirts sent to them "locally", because we've got multiple fulfillment houses on both sides of the Atlantic. Fuck yeah, we're not half-assing this merchandise operation, at all, and I can't wait for all of you to buy my shirts. Wooohoooo!

Love you all,

January 11, 2007

What a day!
I visited Howard Stern in the morning and performed an amazing new rap song that I wrote last night. Also, I've got brand new video clips in the video gallery, make sure you check them out, too.
Love you all,

December 28, 2006

How I'm Spending My Holiday Time
I always spend the Holidays with my family, except for this one wild Christmas in Denmark when my girlfriend's Mom found me naked in a pool of pee on the floor with a candle melted to my head. I'm happy to say that I've been much more productive this year. Lately, family has been incredibly concerned about my health, and the negative impact my lifestyle has had on it. Out of love for my family, I agreed to go to any and all doctor's appointments they scheduled for me. Over the course of the last week, I've visited a general practiononer, gastrointerologist, a cardiologist, and a new dentist. I've subjected myself to all kinds of medical scrutiny (echo-cardiogram, endoscopy, periodontal evaluation, etc.) and, across the boards, the doctors have been telling me that I'm in fantastic health. I feel great, my teeth are squeaky clean, and my Dad and I have also been hard at work on setting up my Internet store to accomodate international and US fans alike. Stay tuned, check me out on the cover of this bitchin magazine, and get ready for an explosive 2007!
Happy Holidays! Love, Steve-O

December 21, 2006

Howard Stern
Hey Everyone,
I will be on Howard Stern on the morning of January 11th, because TV: The Movie is finally coming out, on January 12th, in 43 theaters across the US. They're all Carmike Theaters, and we think 15 of them are drive-ins. We're in Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tennessee, we're in Sioux City, Iowa, the East Village in New York City, we're in Atlanta, parts of Florida, Champagne, Illinois, shit, we're practically everywhere! It is a must see-- funnier than shit, and I pass out cold while huffing very dangerous inhalants, right in the middle of it! Haha! Don't miss a chance to catch it on the silver screen! Also, if you haven't seen it, check out this funny video.
Happy Holidays! Love,

December 17, 2006

How I Live
I still have the same apartment I moved into almost six years ago. We used to get eviction warnings all the time--at one point, I got a visit from the owners of the building and I was sure I was getting evicted, but, it turned out to be a new owner and he asked me for my autograph. Haha! I was so stoked, I got myself another apartment in the building. My Dad is my stock broker and insists that I not buy a house and keep my money in the stock market. So, I shot MTV Cribs again today. We decided to go alll the fuck out, and show some love for skateboarding. It makes sense, we plan on selling Ryan Simonetti, and Steve-O, skateboards soon (See Ryan Simonetti and Steve-O's Greatest Hits). Nobody's slept for shit for the last three days, check out what kept us up, and look at the video clip to see how hard we fucking rip! Love you all,



December 12, 2006

Steve-O's Meaning Of Life
When I returned to Albuquerque, New Mexico after Clown College, and became aware that I was not going to get an offer for a contract to work in the circus, I moved in with my skater buddies and sold pot for a living. It was late in 1997 when I picked up a roommate's book from the living room coffee table, a book called "Life Magazine Presents: The Meaning Of Life". I read that book from cover to cover in one sitting, and it changed my life. It consists of nothing but entries devoted to interpreting the question, "What is the Meaning Of Life", all of which do not exceed 250 words. The book was full of the most remarkable, insightful words written by the oddest people--nurses from terminal wards, janitors, etc. The dumbest shit seemed to be written by the richest people (including the owner of Apple) and, curiously, the guy with the highest recorded IQ on Earth. Reading this book was so incredibly impacting on me, upon finishing reading it I immediately grabbed a piece of paper and wrote my own Steve-O's Meaning Of Life in less than 250 words. Check it out, it's the same piece of paper I scrawled on that day in 1997, and my beliefs haven't changed at all. I don't need organized religion, because when I do wrong, I feel bad. When I do right, I feel good. I believe that many people who subscribe to organized religion are trying to be good for the wrong reasons. They are trying to be good because they are afraid of Hell, and will do anything to serve themselves by making it to Heaven. If Heaven is all it's cracked up to be, I'd love to check it out, but, I'm not going anywhere without my loved ones, of all faiths. With that said, I believe that God is the reward for good behavior, and, I would like to honor the lives of every chicken, cow, tomato-- everything I ever ate, by living a good life. I would like to honor every blade of grass I've ever stepped on, by making the World a better, and sillier, place. Love,

December 11, 2006

Special Treats
Hey Everyone,
Let me start by thanking you all for coming to visit my new website. For reasons I can't explain, I had to "divorce" the people that brought you, and start over, totally from scratch. It makes me very happy to finally be COMPLETELY in charge of what goes on with my own website. Going fully against the advice of my representation, I will be loading this website with tons of incredible video content-- and not charging anyone a single penny to check it all out. That's right, I'm giving it all away for free, because I love my fans. The footage I'm going to be leaking on here very soon comes from a "long-lost" tape (seriously, it was lost for over thirteen years). All of the footage from this tape was shot when I was 19 years old, a second-year freshman at University of Miami, and, as you can tell from my ridiculous behavior, about to get evicted from the dorms, and drop out of University entirely. Be sure to check back to preview Steve-O: The College Days, it rules! Before long, you will all be able to purchase some kick-ass Steve-O merchandise. I've hired a fulfillment company that is absolutely committed to shipping orders within 48 hours of receiving them, and, with the help of the William Morris Agency, I've built an Internet store to take orders and ship awesome merchandise to my fans, with the utmost professionalism. Now, allow me to brag for a moment, I've been a pretty big deal on the FOX network lately, I've been all over these humongous network television award shows. Check out my contribution to the FOX Teen Choice Awards (part one & part two), and, in case you missed me hosting the FOX Action Sports Awards (part one, part two, & part three), check that out too. I couldn't be happier with all of the work I've been doing lately, special thanks to all of you for checking it all out,

November 24, 2006

Sex, Drugs, and Rock'n'Roll
I've made some dumb decisions in my life. To be completely honest, I have no fucking idea how I've gotten away with them. I kept a meticulous count of how many women I had sex with, up to the number 165. I stopped counting in 2002, and can best guess that the number now lies somewhere between 300 and 500. Granted, I have been pretty good about wearing condoms, most of the time, but, I was pretty well blown away when I got a bill of complete sexual health from the doctor this year. I've done a whole lot of fucking, and my wiener has yet to complain to me. Talk about having shit to be thankful for, I've got a friend who told me that he wound up with genital warts from the third girl he ever had sex with. I'm no stranger to drugs, either. I've probably, if you pro-rated our ages, done more cocaine than Ozzy-- the shit started interfering with my work, which is saying something, and I really haven't touched it since January 7th of this year. I'm over counting how many months it's been, and just stoked to not be a fucking cokehead anymore. I won't bother listing the drugs I've done, I'm just gonna tell you all, I've done plenty. I came home to visit my family for Thanksgiving, and my sister called me out for having some serious, serious shakes. She knows that I don't know how to lie, so she just kept asking what the shakes were all about. I told her, I did an incredible amount of nitrous oxide before I came home. When I say incredible, I'm talking about having cases delivered to my house (a case has 25 boxes in it, and a box has 24 chargers in it), and have a new case show up as soon as the last one ended. Before I left for Florida earlier this week, it's like I was trying to kill myself with that fucking shit. Turns out it's bad news, my sister made me read about the long term brain damage, loss of motor skills, and paralysis that can result from the abuse of nitrous oxide. Creepy shit, dudes, creepy shit. Here I am, still pretty fuckin shaky, thinking of how lame it would be to turn into Mohommed Ali over huffing nitrous-- after all the shit I've done. A big part of me wishes I could go back and "un-film" all of the nitrous huffing I did in National Lampoon's TV: The Movie, and all the other shit I did it in. It's a bad thing to promote, and I pretty well promoted the Hell out of it. I've decided to retire my whip-it dispensers, and just want to let as many people as possible know about it. Ozzy made some bad calls, too, and he's not really doing so good. So there, now you know, and, if you make bad decisions, you make them on your own. Love you all, Steve-O

P.S. I'm very disappointed with the number of hits my bitchin-ass new website has been getting, check it out, it's:

November 23, 2006

Got Beef?
When I first decided to become a rapper, it was mostly because the idea was so utterly ridiculous. I've got the musical inclination of a car riding on its rims and the voice of that car crashing into a liquor store. Work, is work, though, so I headed into the studio to record a funny rap song called, Hard As A Rock, for a segment in National Lampoon's TV: The Movie, and everyone loved it! I played it during a meeting that had nothing to do with music, and this totally important dude told me that he wanted me to do an album. Then another totally important dude told me, "Fuck that", let's get you a record deal with Universal Records. I flew myself to New York City and had a meeting with all these people at Universal and, within a couple days, received word that they want to proceed with a deal ASAP. Believe it or not, everything you're reading is true. I'm going to be a rap star! This has all been going down for a while now, so I've got lots of songs. A particularly horrifying demo track I recorded, and want you all to enjoy, is called Crack Cocaine (Feels So Good). I don't know how close I am to actually signing any deals, but, expect more "beefs" to surface, and, regardless, a whole bunch more funny rap. Now, please check out my bitchin ass new website: Thank you, I love you all, Steve-O

November 22, 2006

I've got a great deal to be thankful for, if you ask me, I'm the fuckin man. I worked out a deal with a fan whose drawn some bitchin pictures of me. I probably didn't have to pay him shit, but it was important to me that I do. My management doesn't think I should have, but I demanded that I do. I've been ripped off and taken advantage of in the past, and I'm not planning on letting that happen again. I'm planning on making as much money as I possibly can, and taking care of the people I love. For example, Ryan Simonetti-- I want us to have the most fucking killer skateboard company there is-- we do the raddest shit with skateboards, so, I think we deserve it. Jennifer Moore, she is my webmaster and archivist, I've sent her close to, if not, more than seven thousand e-mails to put together the greatest book about being a badass that's ever been written. I want to take care of my loved ones, and I'm going to make as much fucking money as possible to do so. My sister is a school teacher who makes less than 30 thousand dollars per year, fuck that, that sucks, I would like to get really, really that my niece never has to worry about shit....ever. I would like to help Manny the Sharkman, too, so, please buy Ulitimate Predator, you'll be helping a really great man. Thank you all....Steve-O

November 21, 2006

Have I made some really fantastic videos? You betcher fuckin ass I have, and, Paparazzi Stuntman is really that good. Not as good as Manny the Sharkman's video, Ulitimate Predator, from us boys of jackass, though. Simply put, Manny has the best dvd in the store, so, please, buy it this Thanksgiving weekend. Love you all... Steve-O

November 20, 2006

Why I Do What I Do
If you look very closely at this picture, you will find that there is not one single person in it who is thinking of their own problems. That's right, they all have funny expressions on their faces, because they're all having a great time, while I stand there and get fucking wasted. I'm sorry, but I call that making the World a better place.

Now, on to important business. I took care of the Internet store issue. I pestered my agent until he got me on the phone with what the William Morris Agency (the biggest talent agency in the World) considers the best, and most suitable, Internet store-- to take and fulfill orders....with the utmost professionalism......

When I spoke to the nice man on the phone, I told him that it was unfortunate that I have no merchandise, other than four FUCKING HYSTERICAL shirts (don't worry, more on the way!)....I went on to tell this nice guy, Jason Ross, that I would be adding skateboards to the mix. I'll tell you why I'm starting a skateboard company, because I love skateboarding.And I have Ryan Simonetti. Ryan Simonetti and I have been making skaeboarding watchable for people who don't skate for ten fucking years now.......not fucking beating up our parents......Here is a two minute and fifty-two second clip of Steve-O and Ryan Simonetti's Greatest Hits. Watch what Ryan Simonetti and I have done, consider that I fucking rip at skaeboarding, too. I'm going to have THOUSANDS of boards manufactured and shipped to my fulfillment order will ever take more than 2-3 weeks, or less, or I'll go fucking ballistic, betcha can't wait to see our skateboard graphics.....Love you all, Steve-O

November 19, 2006

Burn In Hell, Bush
I got an e-mail from my sister, in it she expressed to me that it made her unhappy that I mentioned the suffering and death of our Mother to my fans. I wrote this to my sister:

Cindy, Please don't be upset with me. I believe whole-heartedly in what I've been doing. I can picture Mom yelling at me, "Show me the money!", and making fun of me for not even trying to sell anything to my fans. I would surely explain what it's like to be an "artist", she would continue to make fun of me, and we would laugh and be happy....Love you, Steve

I will add that we can be pretty sure there are a bunch of dead people in this picture....the problems in my family are really pretty fucking small, if you think about it. Now, please, everyone, pay a visit to: Let's make the World a better place. Love you all, Steve-O

November 17, 2006

Hey Everyone
My Dad wrote me an e-mail about how he feels that I've been forwarding too mainy e-mails to my shoe company. Dad doesn't realize that those shoe people need to understand what an asset I really am to their business. Dad, I do not feel as though I've "bombarded" Sneaux Shoes with too many e-mails, because, Dad, it's called being a gangster. I have a great deal of emotional scar tissue over the suffering and death of my Mother and, godammit, I'm going to make her fucking proud of me. I'm going to "Fight The Good Fight", I'm going to make people happy, and I'm not going to take fucking shit, from anyone.......I love you all, now, will you all please visit, don't worry, I don't even have a store up on it yet, just a bunch of free shit that's really fun to check out.....Steve-O

November 15, 2006

Death Threats
This is a good-ol' laugh of an e-mail to my supermodel ex girlfriend, May Andersen (notable for beating up flight attendants and cops):

May, Check out the bitchin ass e-mail I sent to my agent and clothing company, love you, babe!

I've got exciting news. We need a store on my website very, very immediately, because my finger's on the trigger and I'm itching to pull it. I am going to drive SO MUCH TRAFFIC to my new website, it's going to be ridiculous. Never mind my 147924 friends on MySpace, when I leak, to all media there is, the following video clip, with a letter from me to Stephen Dorff (of course, I'll misspell his name) calling him a pussy, an idiot and a loser...(Adam, it's got subtitles now, it's so fucking awesome...) My letter will be concise, brutal, hysterical, and culminate in a sincere thanks to old idiot-head-Dorf for all of the traffic his stupidity led to my bitchin-ass new website: I'm thinking that I can get millions of people to the site, and, I'm fucking crazy, if this store isn't up, I'll probably leak this clip anyway. So, gentlemen, let's get a store on my site, and rake cheddar, hard....Thanks,

I hope this message finds you well, when last I saw you, you looked absolutely beautiful and happy. That made me happy. I want you to know that the joking around I did in FHM was for no reason other than to create awareness of my bitchin-ass new dvd project, "Steve-O: Paparazzi Stuntman". I also want you to know that I'll certainly never have sex with a truly famous chick, because they all surely know that I would incessantly brag about it. I love that I masturbated in your bed and made fun of myself in the media for doing so. It sure is a funny way to defend a woman's honor, but, dammit, I didn't get any ass, and I needed to tell the World! Wahoo! In seriousness, I want you to know that I've never wished any harm on you. I really mean that, Nicole, I really do. OK, so, don't worry about me having a ton of footage of you or anything, quite contrary, this is all I got: Here's a trailer for the project. I hope you're kicking butt, Nicole, you were really cool to me and didn't need to hear about me masturbating in your bed, even though, I still think that shit is fucking hysterical. I miss you...

From Knoxville;

That's right steve o,milk this fame shit for all its worth.its ridiculous anyway,so why not make it more ridiculous and get rich off of it.I am just hoping your high school guidance couselor is watching(mine too because she was hot!!) I saw you on the tom green show and thought you were may have been fucked out of your gourd,but you were aren't deceiving when you told celebrity girls not to sleep with you because you will talk,"I CAN'T HELP IT!!" Ha ha ha...I am still laughing about that and make reference to it about twice a day.pure madness.and honesty.aint nothing wrong with that esp when you are not hurting anybody.just like rog said ," all you want in an artist or a drug dealer is honesty."its true,and you my friend are both. Knox

Ryan Simonetti,
I already began the process of securing the rights to the name (edit). Dad thinks I'm getting ahead of myself, but I think we should have done this years ago. I just got done agreeing to let one company build an Internet store for, they will take and fill orders. Can you write me up a business plan for how you could manage this skateboard company for me? I'm thinking about printing boards after they are already bought and paid for (by allowing 5 weeks for delivery), so that we won't ever have to worry about misjudging inventory. I think we can take over the skateboard industry. I'm hosting the FOX Action Sports Awards, it's going to be another one of those "17 million viewer" deals, it would be CRIMINAL not to be selling skateboards! Let's make it happen, please "reply all". Thanks, brutha! -O

"Well, I see rap music as something silly that makes alot of money, and, technically, I'm really silly, and I make alot of money, so, shit, I figured I'd just go for it, ya know, be me, brag about all the cool things I've done, hang out with the most famous people in the World, and make a bunch more money. I became a rapper, and I've been having a blast!" Steve-O

Watch Steve-O rap, and get over to, I want the most hits in one day an asshole like me ever got! Thank you, I love you all, Steve-O

P.S. When the store is up, orders will show up well before five weeks, agents are just greedy pieces of shit, that's all. Wahoo! My Internet Revolution is on!!! ...

November 4, 2006

From Me To My Sister
I appreciate your concern, r.e. the PADS segments from National Lampoon's TV: The Movie. Really, thank you. The truth is that it was acting that you found so upsetting, and I know what the fuck I'm doing. You're going to have to explain to me where our enlightened souls are headed to after our simply irresistble bodies have expired, because that's the only question I don't have a perfectly fucking good answer for. As for your "Steve-O sends the president of TMZ so many e-mails, it's annoying" rhetoric....consider yourself very wrong. When it comes to generating publicity, I am very good at what I do. I make people happy for a living, and I make a very good living at it. Am I saving my money to blow it at some later time on cars, women, houses, and such? No. I'm saving it for you, Cassie, and whoever your beautiful spirits see fit for. Period. You can't spend money when you're dead, and I'm only in this life to make sure that it's remembered forever. You're right that I've been going through a tough time-- it's hard as Hell to be the #1 Box Office dude that's staring down the barrel of the rest of Life being "second rate". That's all there is to it. It's hard. Now, I've got some good news for you, it's not all downhill for me from here. Not even fucking close to "all downhill". Rather, my life totally rules. It's still going to end, and that still pisses me off like crazy, but, my attititude is decidedly good. So good, in fact, that I heard myself tell a lady, in my hotel room in London, "Babe, this sucks, I ran out of condoms, I've got no rubbers to hump you with." That slut, believe it or not, responded by saying, "I've run out myself". I'm going to continue with this, despite it's lack of "appropriateness", because you need to hear it. After the slut told me that she was "out of condoms" herself, I asked her if she would like for me to ejaculate right in her mouth. She said "yes". I did. Nobody got hurt, I had a great time, and that girl will certainly brag about the experience for the rest of her Life. Cindy, I am not a bad person, I don't hurt anybody but myself, and, I'm a tough guy...I can take it. Life rules, I'm aware of that, now, stop worrying about me so much. You've been starting to piss me off. I love you, very, very much,

October 29, 2006

Lindsay Lohan
Harvey, Receiving an e-mail from your personal e-mail address (as embarassing as it is for you to continue to subscribe to AOL, regardless of whatever new gimmicks they incessantly shower you with), is an honor. Fuck AOL. More importantly, fuck the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, for making it an "American tradition" to abuse animals. I used to be a guy who needed to be in the circus, because all I know how to do is act like an asshole, make people laugh, and spread joy around the World. I want to thank Lindsay Lohan for personally driving to my place to pick me up tonight, so that we could brag to each other about being "..1 box office movie stars", and have an absolute blast, taking a break from the incessant "pecking" the World does at "A-List celebrities". Haha! That's right, we had a really good time....Thank you, Lindsay! OK, Harvey, I'm going to "serve up" your story here, I told Lindsay Lohan that I want to save animals, that I love the circus-- and hate animals being abused in circuses all over America (note that Europe makes America look like shit by actually having laws that show some compassion for elephants, bears, tigers, etc, for "God-f-ing sake", you don't need to have sat through that crappy-ass "King Kong" re-make to realize it's wrong to interfere with the joy of life being celebrated. Let's not celebrate f-ing up the lives of animals in the circus, tell everyone to spend their money on Cirque Du Soleil tickets-- it's always put on a better show. Actually, Cirque Du Soleil is responsible for the best live entertainment on the Planet. Period. Hands down. So, Harvey, the funny part is that I spent the night with Lindsay and her friends, OVERLOADING her with evidence of how I'm "on fire right now"-- I showed her a dvd of my very own new television show (Dr, Steve-O), my imminent solo dvd release (Paparazzi Stuntman), I repeatedly showed her the part that's she's already got in it (and it is fucking hysterical), then....I explained to Lindsay that I demand to save animals, and I pulled out a video camera, repeated to Linsday that I want to save animals, and then I pretty much attacked her with the camera, but, the funniest thing about it is that I actually FORGOT TO HIT RECORD. So, unfortunately, Linsday missed out on having a second part in my new dvd, but, she knows how goddam good my Paparazzi Stuntman dvd is, we'll get her another part before I lock in the deal to deliver and distribute it. I showed her a lot of crap.. Lindsay, you rock, and fuck the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus-- and every other organization that breaks the spirits of innocent animals for the amusement of a really low IQ bunch of people-- sorry, but it really takes a really low IQ to giggle at animals being abused. As for fur, hey, I eat meat, but I damn well don't wear animal products other than leather-- because I eat beef. That's right, I eat beef, chicken, lamb....drink milk, eat cheese, you name it! I simply, however, don't eat mink, so I think it's an asshole move to kill something and not even bother eating it. So, Lindsay got off the hook tonight, I really did forget to hit record. Doesn't matter one bit, though, because, "if you fuck with Lindsay Lohan, I'll tell someone to kick your ass...." Thanks again, Lindsay...xoxo... Steve-O

P.S. I will be, very soon, launching a completey new website of my own. I am in "tweaking" phases at a temporarly domain name-- meticulously making it the best website EVER LAUNCHED! Wahoo! Oh yeah, people, get ready to be happy-- this boy is on fire! check out the website, shshsh....I haven't "technically" LAUNCHED IT!!!

October 26, 2006

Steve-O Coming to Your Town
I don't need pussy-ass scums of bitches like Johnny Maroney from CEG Talent pestering me about making dollars off me showing up to throw down. I am, VERY MUCH, booking paid appearances where I unleash unholy Hell on stage for an hour and party with everyone all night. Here's a clip from last week in Boise, Idaho. To book Steve-O shows, contact the William Morris Agency, love you all, Steve-O

October 24, 2006

Mission Statement from Steve-O
The media has changed changed, unbelievably, in just the last year. With TIVO rendering television advertising dollars completely impotent, the Internet making legal release forms obsolete, and viral video escaping the editorial sword of the FCC-- completely... it has beome a FUCKING JOKE! In short, the Internet is important, and that is why my relationships with EzBoard, MySpace, TMZ, and YouTube are so important to me. I communicate with my fans, directly, every single day. Period. That's me, fame is all I ever wanted (mind you, one must be careful what one wishes for), and fame is what I got. I intend to be the captain of the largest, and most loyal, fanbase on the Internt, by continuing to try my ass off to be as talented and funny as I can possibly be. I will let fans know about it-- every single day. Attached is a jpeg photo of ONE of my fan's tattoos, ALL of them are of me. Let's keep this Internet party going. I'm just getting warmed up... Love you all....Steve-O
P.S. Everything I've given to you guys individually (celeb websites) has been exclusive, for your leaking, from me to you, I love you all....more to come.....-O

October 23, 2006

Steve-O For PETA
Michelle, thanks for the mail, I'd love to videotape an interview for PETA. On my first day working in the circus, when I was instructed to "stay the fuck away from the elephants", it really set in that something very wrong was taking place. Truthfully, it dawned on me that the circus owners had no confidence whatsoever in their ability to control the animals. The tassles on the prod might hide the metal hook from the audience, but it was never hidden from me. The worst was a magic act involving a "disappearing tiger". That tiger spent it's entire life being loaded from its "magic" cage (hardly longer/wider than the tiger itself) into another (of roughly the same size), which was only materially different in that it was hitched to an automobile. I don't believe that tiger ever got to run a distance further than the equivalent of two lengths of its own body. I remember one cage-to-cage transfer turning into a debacle that almost killed someone, causing me to realize that that tiger truly never got to experience life outside of those cages. I am all about speaking out against the abuse of animals. I'm in NYC right now, flying to LA tomorrow, let me know when you want to shoot the interview and I'll advise my availability. Thanks, Steve-O

Steve-O, This is wonderful news! I must say, this was just about the best email one at PETA could wake up to! Your knowledge about this animal industry is impressive and your public disapproval of it will surely prove to alleviate animal suffering tremendously. Thank you in advance. We have small offices in New York and Los Angeles and we can shoot the interview at a time and location of your convenience. I have a conference with my colleagues at our HQ in Virginia next week, to brainstorm pitches for your interview. Would you give me until next week, when I'll give you a shout with a list of questions for your approval? We are really looking forward to working with you and thanks again. Please call if you have any questions. Best, Michelle Cho, PETA

Michelle, I'm not worried about approving any questions, you guys can ask me anything you want. I can't believe I wrote that e-mail to you without mention of the public relations lecture we received at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, in which they said, roughly, "If anyone asks you about animal abuse, you have no opinion. You are clowns, fall down or something, we don't care, as long as you don't open your mouth or say a word." That was their message, and I can't wait to call them out on it. I've got a light schedule from tomorrow through the 29th. Just about any day will work, and I'll be in LA the whole time. Best regards, Steve-O

Gosh, you are making this quite easy- thank you! I have a few questions for you actually. Do you want the interview to be on a more serious note, or a bit more light-hearted with a serious message? There are so many ways we could approach this and we'd love your creative input. I have to be honest- hearing you on the Tom Green Show, I couldn't believe that you weren't a PETA campaigner! You touched on every major point with such conviction that no matter how serious or comedic our official interview is- you are going to save a lot of animals. What do you think about next Thursday, the 26th? Wherever is convenient for you is where we can do this. Our office is in Silverlake, but I can meet you wherever and it shouldn't take more than an hour. Do you want grooming services or anything like that? After the interview footage is cut by our A/V folks, we'll get you a copy and upon your approval, put it on our main website (, our animals in entertainment website (, and pitch it to International press and all the wires. Do you, by chance, have any personal b-roll footage of yourself skateboarding or doing what you do best, that we could include in the final cut of the interview? Let me know how Thursday looks for you and we can proceed from there! Thanks for being great, Michelle

As of late, and as I'm sure you can imagine, my family and friends have been expressing serious concern about my lifestyle choices. In my career, and in my life, I only intend for there to be one victim-- ME! I've slept well at night, because I don't hurt anyone but myself, and I am very, very proud of that fact. I would like to get that message across, as well as everything I've shared with you, plus a whole buch more, in this interview. I want to make my family proud of me for fighting the right fight, the good fight, for making the World a better place, and living a life that I am endlessly proud of (my entertainment is geared to "make cancer disappear"). This interview presents me with a meaningful opportunity to not only save as many animals as possible, but to diversify my image, to show the World that there is more to me than the idiot that gets really drunk, smokes lots of pot, and hurts hiimself. With that said, let me thank you for being so open to creative input. My thinking is that the interview should be very serious, yet light-hearted at the same time. The last thing I would want is for "preaching" to inspire people to tune away from my message. To keep it entertaining, I'd like to comedically promote FAKE fur and FAKE diamonds. Let's face it, they look just as cool, and don't cause humans and animals to suffer needlessly. Before I continue, let me own up to you that I eat meat and wear leather and suede skateboarding shoes. It is my belief that the healthiest diet is one that includes meat. Enough said. I like the traditional American Indian philosophy, which holds that, if one will take a life, one should use every last resource that life provided, and preserve the Earth in doing so. I won't feel bad about the meat I eat, or the shoes and clothes that I wear, because I very, very deliberately live my life, each and every day, to honor, cherish, and respect each life that was lost for me to continue my mission in the life that I have. Again, I am so thankful that you reached out to me. Let's make this count! Let's make sure that my interview is aired on every network on television, during prime time. I'm a very hot commodity right now, want to save animals, and could really use some positive press, as well. My only request for the interview is that fake fur rugs and fake diamonds be supplied for my comedy portion of the interview. That just about covers it on my end, and, the 26th will be perfect. Thank you, thank you so much, Steve-O

October 22, 2006

I have exciting news, I am a born-again skateboarder. This 32 year-old, who started skateboarding 21 years ago, is RIPPING, HARDER THAN EVER!!! And, I'm only fucking getting started..... See for yourself....Love you all, Steve-O

October 19, 2006

Hey Everyone, I can't believe the amount of hating going on all over the Internet. There are actually people out there who are voting my stand-up comedy as "whack"! They must be stopped! VOTE ME DOPE!!

Check out Steve-O on the Tom Green Show

October 18, 2006

Steve-O Talks Smack
This is two minutes and thirty seconds of exclusive footage.....from me to you. Love you all, Steve-O

October 17, 2006

Steve-O and Chris Pontius rocked the WWE ring last night on RAW

October 13, 2006

Hey guys, this is really funny footage (very quick, unlike the thirteen minutes I sent you all yesterday, haha!) from last night: Click here to check it out KEEP VOTING ME DOPE!!! I gotta run to the airport. Anyone in Boise, Idaho, get ready, I'm performing two nights in a row...I made them change my flight back to LA to get me earlier, in time to rehearse THE STUNTS THAT I'M DOING IN THE WWE RING AT THE STAPLES CENTER ON SUNDAY NIGHT! WAHOO! I've got a tv show coming soon in the slot immediately after WWE on the USA Network, it's called "Dr. Steve-O" and it's fucking rad! Watch WWE on Sunday night! Yeah. Now, I've got to get back in the mindset of doing a proper show-- truly fucking myself up on stage for forty minutes. AAAHHHH!!!! Love you all, Steve-O

October 12, 2006

I want to thank you all
for receiving my messages and, especially, for voting for me on TMZ.COM so many times. I've got a deal for you, some serious, serious, shit. Watch the following footage: (Laugh Factory: 1, 2, 3, 4) and, if you think it's DOPE, then please, VOTE ME DOPE! I truly love you all, I do what I do to make you all happy, I really hope that stand-up comedy act makes you happy. I'm performing again at the Laugh Factory tonight. Let's really, really run up the numbers on that rap shit. Thank you all, much love, Steve-O

October 7, 2006

Hell fuckin yeah dudes! TV The Movie out in HMV and all that fuckin shit in the UK, October 9th. Holy shit, get that fucking thing. It didn't come out in theatres in the UK, but I happen to be prouder than fucking shit of this goddam movie. Comes out November 3th in limited theatres in the USA. YES! YES! YES!

Also to the people who can't watch this, it's because you don't have Quicktime installed. If you install this codec pack you should be able to watch 99% of things out there. K-Lite codec pack

Check out this new rap song from Steve-O the gangsta. Also please go to and vote it dope!

August 2, 2006

Hey Everyone. Wow, do I have a assload of news for you. I just got back from Fiji and Australia, where I filmed a Wolfmother video/Jackass: Number Two MTV special episode with Knoxville, Bam, Weeman, Preston Lacy and Dave England. It was awesome. Now, get this, next month I have two movies and my own television show coming out in America. That's right, I'm the leading man in National Lampoon's TV: The Movie, which comes out on September 8th and Jackass: Number Two comes out on September 22. The television show I have coming out is produced by the same company that created Real World, Road Rules, The Simple Life, Billionaire Rebel, Starting Point, etc. It's a big company and my "on air pilot" will air a week after Jackass: Number Two comes out. My new Sneaux shoes commercials have begun to air (as of August 1st, yesterday), I'll be presenting at the VMA's on August 31st, all over the FOX Teen Choice Awards (around the same time), I'll be on Leno on September 21st. I can't even keep up with everything that's going on, I've got a new Steve-O World Tour launching in January, my own t-shirt/clothing line coming out, more shoes, a new BallBag Inc. Steve-O dvd release in the works, a record deal in the works to record a Steve-O comedy gangsta rap album. Haha! Everything's going great, get ready to see me everywhere! Yeah dudes, love you all, Steve-O

May 15, 2006

Hell fuckin yeah dudes! I just got back from filming Jackass: Number Two in India, it's set to come out in theaters on Septmber 22. It feels great to be home and there's plenty of shit going on. Sneaux shoes are selling great, I've renewed my contract for another year, so expect more ridiculous commercials and keep buying them darn good shoes. Now, if you want to be a star on my new television show, keep reading this whole page very carefully: the show is being produced by the creators and producers of The Real World, Road Rules, The Simple Life, Billionaire Rebel, and a ton of other shit. The company is fucking huge and my new television show is going to rule. We're going through boxes of tapes, and we want more! I've decided that this talent search will continue, you've now got THREE MORE WEEKS to get tapes to us. I mean this shit, for real, if you want to be on tv, read on, love you all, -O

I am looking for all kinds of people, but first and foremost you have to be at least 21, live in the United States, and breathing. If you think you have the kind of personality, special skills, or are just funny enough to be a star...make an audition tape and tell me why. If you simply need help in becoming a radder person...make an audition tape and tell me about. You get the point.

I am especially interested in people that can perform cool tricks. For example, if you can juggle bowling balls while riding a unicycle, or if you are double jointed and can consume soft beverages while doing a one arm handstand, let me know. Maybe you are some sort of a circus freak or a clown, you have a special 'skill', or maybe you or one of your friends can do some sort of Stupid Human Trick. Whatever it is...just impress me and send in your tape! However, I DO NOT want any tapes of you or any of your friends doing any dangerous stunts where someone could get hurt. I'm not interested in that and won't even watch it.

When you make your tape, just remember to be yourself and have fun with it. I want to see your personality and why you think that you should be on my show. The tape should be about 3-10 minutes long. It has to be a DVD or VHS. Sorry, you can't email your submissions. Be sure to include all of your contact information.

Finally, if you know of anyone that would be perfect for my show, be sure to send them this information! You might get something out of it.

Send tapes to:

Steve-O Casting
Attention: Steve-O
6007 Sepulveda Blvd.
Van Nuys, CA 91411

If you have any questions about your casting tape, logistics, or anything at all, email one of the Producers- Russell Jay at

DISCLAIMER: By submitting my video application, I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree to the following. I understand that BMP and/or Steve-O is not recommending or advocating that I participate in any stunt or risky behavior for purposes of my videotape application. I fully understand and agree that participating in any stunts or risky behavior is completely unpredictable and dangerous and could possibly result in serious injury or even death. If I choose to participate in a stunt for purposes of submitting my application to the website, I do so completely voluntarily and knowingly, and I am fully aware of the possible risks involved and solely assume said risks. I acknowledge and agree that I have read this disclaimer/warning and I accept full responsibility for my actions. In no event whatsoever shall BMP its directors, officials, shareholders, parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, attorneys, licensors be held liable for any injuries or damage that may arise out of my voluntary participation and assumption of risk by participating in such stunts!

Also check out this video: Another coffee table bites the dust!

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